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Francis Fuels was founded way back in 1933 and has provided quality heating and cooling services to customers in Ottawa-Gatineau. Originally H.G. Francis and his wife Vivian started out as tinsmiths, installing coal and wood-burning furnaces in the Ottawa area. The company navigated through the economic depression of the 30s by diversifying its service offerings. 

The family welcomed the second generation into the business in the early 1950s and added fuel oil supply to their list of services. This proved to be a key decision that helped the company grow exponentially in the following decades. With the addition of natural gas equipment, fuel oil services, air conditioning and heat pump services, the company continued to grow and welcomed the third generation of the family into the business by the 70s and 80s. The next step was the introduction of the ‘Francis Brand’ of gas bars and service stations throughout the National Capital Region. 

Today, the business is welcoming the 4th generation into the fold and has a dedicated team of employees who have been involved with the company for over 2 to 3 decades. Our commitment to providing high standards of service and quality products remains unchanged and we constantly keep updating our services in accordance with the new technologies and industry standards of today. We thank our loyal customers for the decades of support and hope to provide the service they need for many more years to come. 

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