Fuel Oil Delivery Account Application

Please fill out our application form to open a fuel oil delivery account in Nepean and the National Capital Region. A Francis Fuels representative will contact you within two business days to:


  • Review and confirm the information in this credit application.

  • Verify the availability of Francis Fuels oil delivery service to your area.

  • Review possible additional costs associated with equipment inspection.

For emergency fuel delivery service or for no fuel situations, please contact us directly by telephone at 613-723-4567.

Applicant and Fuel Oil Delivery Information

Please help describe your fuel oil equipment and requirements.

Property Owner
Property Manager
New Installation
Indoor tank
Outdoor tank
Automatic Delivery (recommended)
Will Call (advanced notice required)
1000 Litres
620 Litres
200 US Gallon (900 Litres) Most common
More than one tank
Steel tank
Roth double wall
Fiberglass tank
Front of building
Right side of building
Back of building
Left side of building
Water heater
Pool heater
Unit heater
Electric owned
Electric rented
Fuel oil owned
Fuel oil rented
Yes , please enroll me in the oil furnace maintenance and service plan. Current cost is $249.95/ year plus tax (includes one furnace maintenance). I have read and accept the general terms and conditions of the supply agreement. I consent to the receipt and exchange of credit and other information about me, including information contained on this agreement with any credit bureau or credit reporting agency and any other person whom I have or propose to have financial dealings with from time to time. I understand that this information may be used for the purpose of establishing and maintaining my financial relationship with Francis Fuels Ltd as permitted by law. I also confirm the above personal and/ or business information is accurate and true. Francis Fuels can consider this acceptance a true signature of authorization. In this section "I" means the Applicant and Co-Applicant. *
Please check this box to indicate that you have read and agree to the General Terms and Conditions and to the terms above.